TodaysArt 09: Typographic Gun

Typographic Gun @ TodaysArt 09

At the TodaysArt festival at the Hague the public library features an installation we developed along the lines of the festival’s “conflict” theme. During the night hours, we project on the windows an aggressive dreammachine-like flickering.

Typographic Gun

Since the very moment paper press was invented, type has been a weapon, with paper being the battleground. The recent shift towards digital media has expanded and intensified the written warzone even further.

The audio-visual installation named ‘Typographic Gun’ explores the subjective potential of the written medium. The library becomes the epicenter of a conflict between two opposing texts, opinions or ideals. The subjectivety is hidden behind interpolating typography, alternating at 5 to 20Hz, melting the two channels together, but at the same time generating the conflict by means of anticolors and after image. Any spectator can choose to block out any of the information streams by means of a color filter. And every book that has been loaded into the system produces its own unique soundtrack, converting sentences to a rythm of microtonal sound that add to the conflict experience.

Typographic Gun @ TodaysArt 09

Typographic Gun @ TodaysArt 09

Martijn van Boven
Charlie Berendsen
Marie-Anne Huiskamp
Joost de Nooy
Sander Sturing
Thomas te Braake
Tiemen Rapati

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  1. Bernard Ribs
    Posted May 23, 2011 at 5:40 pm | Permalink

    Great artwork

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