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2030: Envision a world in which every object would have an ‘online’ identity, a digital representation, say– a facebook page. Every physical object would be reduced to its properties, be it value, energy usage, lifetime, color, previous owner, parent class or atom arrangement. A concept quickly getting abstract beyond the point of no return, hence this sketch visualizing the concept using a structure that would represent ‘the digital genome’ of the real world. A structure that would contain the digital avatars of all physical objects.

For this, I used as placeholder a text, dividing it’s hierarchy into branches of objects. Each node in this structure should represent a physical object, with it’s properties attached. In this case, a chapter of the book “The Dark Tower”, by Stephen King has been chopped up. The text comprises of paragraphs, each paragraph contains sentences, sentences often are compilations of subsentences and all these consist of words. And words of letters.

This framework of nodes should represent the idea of the world as a collection of objects, as information is attached them. Every object has a parent, from which it inherits certain properties, and has other ones that make it unique.


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