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While recovering from all the food I stuffed myself with during christmas, I documented some old projects and realised it might be fun to post their functional, interactive prototypes on the blog for anyone interested to download. Some projects just need playing with. :-)

They come as .app (mac) & .exe (windows) executables and should run straight out of the box (if you have Java installed, which you most probably have)

Mathematical Type
Download: Windows / Mac

Less tight

First a sneak peek, a brand new little app as the newest member of the Mathematical Typography series. It’s a fun experiment with interactive typography.

Time Surface
Download: Windows / Mac

This app revisits last year’s project which was about a three dimensional representation of an interactive calendar. This app uses offline bogus data, while the real thing aggregates from an online RSS source. Seeing the objects gradually break the surface of ‘now’, spin the lot around and performing some casual time travel definitely is part to the experience, so please have a go.

Object Oriented
Download: Windows / Mac

This prototype refers to another project finished last summer. It sketches a 3D node structure which is constructed through the structure of a text; paragraphs, sentences, words, letters.
Although this app has also being posted to OpenProcessing, downloading this adds some performance & lets you run it full screen. Which I think is nice. Fact remains that you can see and download the source online here.

Sadly no fancy iPhone apps yet, although I’m currently in the process of making my first (!)

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    Tof concept!

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